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Daily Student Bulletin

    Charlotte Wood BulletinThursday, May 27, 2021



    All library books are PASSED DUE. Please place overdue books into the bins outside of the front office.


    Late textbook notices will go out TOMORROW, Friday, May 28th.



    Remote students - Students may DROP OFF their textbooks, classroom reading books and any overdue library books to the large front bins through this Thursday, 27th between 7:30 am – 4 pm.


    8th grade hybrid students – Yearbooks are being distributed TOMORROW, Friday, May 28th during Student Support.  Those who have not returned or paid for missing library books, will not receive their yearbooks when they are distributed.


    6th & 7th grade hybrid students – Yearbooks will be distributed next Tuesday, June 1st after Memorial Day (that’s in SIX Days)…..Both Library and Textbooks MUST returned prior to receiving your yearbook.


    Did you know there is Yearbook Etiquette?

    Students, this yearbook is a keepsake that will be with you forever. Please be respectful of all books you write in. They will be shared with friends and family, so be mindful when writing messages.  Keep your comments appropriate and use language that will not embarrass anyone, especially the owner of the book. Yearbook owners, please be aware of who has your yearbook at all times. Be sure your name is clearly marked in your book. Anyone found to diminish the quality of a yearbook by slanderous or vulgar comments or pictures may be responsible for replacing the book for $75. 


    Don’t forget to take a look at the Environmental Newsletter that Mr. Donohue and his team sent out Tuesday, over email!