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Daily Student Bulletin

Charlotte Wood Bulletin - Friday, April 15, 2021

Schedule for this week:


Today, Friday is an…EVEN Block Schedule / Hybrid (in-person) 9:50am - 2:55pm


The Broadcast team’s weekly FUN and informative is available to view and is also listed every Friday on the Charlotte Wood Web Calendar.


Don’t forget to BRING A WATER BOTTLE EVERY DAY TO school!  J


Did you know what there are NEW Library Curbside pickup days and times? That’s RIGHT!! Now you can get your library books on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm and resume tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13th. Please return any OVERDUE library books to the blue bin outside of the office!


7th grade students – Please return your Refugee and Historical Fiction novel to the outside bins as soon as possible.

To pick up from campus (ONLY if you are REMOTE):


  • Course #1 Math Packets: 2 packets; “Geometry Homework Packet and Note packet” (Becker, Gusman)
  • Course #2 Math Packet: “Units 7 & 8, Geometry”- (Becker, Francioch, M. Larson)
  • Course #3 Math Packet -“Systems of Equations” - (Sanchi, Lynch, Francioch)


Late arrival and early dismissal:

Please have your parents email our attendance secretary at if you are late or if you need to leave early.


Please remember that we cannot accept drop-offs if your hybrid student has forgotten items from home.


There is a NEW SCHEDULE for the FREE Hot Grab-N-Go Meals. See more at Free Grab N Go Meals


Street Smarts Video Contest for Middle and High School Students! The “Be Reel!” Video Contest theme is “Biking Safely with Family and Friends!”  Visit for entry rules, forms and guidelines. The contest ends Thursday, April 22.


Also, don’t forget about the MONTHLY Contest for K – 8th grade students – Students can learn about Traffic Safety Education through short interactive and entertaining online bike and pedestrian themes.

Students are eligible to enter to win a $30 gift card from a local business in the San Ramon Valley! Please view more information and guidelines under the Monthly Contest tab at