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CWMS Emergency Plan

Evacuation Route
evacuation route

Parents need to be prepared too!

Charlotte Wood has held several drills to prepare our campus and staff for the event of a major

emergency. This has helped us address possible questions that arise. The safety of each person on our

campus is of the utmost importance. Please read the procedures below and follow them in the event of a

major emergency. BE PREPARED!


Just as teachers are not allowed to leave campus, students may not leave the campus until released by

our Student Release Team. We have provisions (food, water, medical supplies, tents, toiletries, etc.) for

each student and staff member to last three days.


In the event of a major emergency your student will be going through the process listed below:

• Students will be taken to a selected area on the blacktop at the west side of our campus.

• After your student's 1st period teacher has taken attendance, our Search and Rescue Team

will look for any missing students. Every student will be accounted for!

• Students will be detained in 3 separate areas until they are released through the Student

Release Team.

• Our staff has been divided into several teams to meet the needs of your student: Student Care

Team -29 staff member’s will provide counseling and games to the students once detained,

the Medical Team -8 staff members (ALL have had First Aid training) will meet medical

needs, Search and Rescue -6 staff members will search and rescue. Security -10 staff

members along with our Administrative Command Post will overlook the entire campus.

• Our Student Release Area will be located at the gate openings on the northside of the

blacktop. To ensure the safety of your student, NO student will be released to any

individual unless that individual is on the student's Emergency Card AND is able to

show identification. This includes parents, relatives, friends and neighbors. Students will

ONLY be released through the Student Release Area.

What can YOU do to help?

• Please, follow our emergency plan by going to our STUDENT RELEASE

AREA to pick up your student. The map is on our web site.

• Keep your student's Emergency Card updated. Remember, no student will be

released to any person NOT on the Emergency card!

• Inform those on your student's Emergency card that they will need to have

IDENTIFICATION with them to have a student released to their care.

• Talk to your student about what YOU plan to do in the event of a major


• Know that your student's safety is our #1 priority!