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Academic Intervention

Weekly Academic Assistance

For Students

  • Library- The library is a place to work on homework, get book recommendations, check out library materials, use a computer, plus receive research or technology support. Lunch times and after school times are open to all students based on availability, check the library door for closures. 
  • Peer Tutoring- Peer Tutoring will be held again this year beginning on October 19 on Tuesdays (Room 705) and Thursdays (Room 605) from 3 pm - 4 pm.  Permissions slips are required:  Tutors (students who want to tutor another student) & Tutees (students who want to be tutored).  For more information, please contact Katie Shepherd.
  • Math help-  Math assistance is offered to all students through each student's math teacher. Please contact your math teacher directly for their available office hours. 
  • Homework Hour - Mondays through Thursdays from 3-4 pm in the Library.

For parents: Weekly academic Monitoring

  • Planner- Students are to use the planner to record daily assignments as well as in/out of school activities. Upon arrangement, teachers/parents can sign off in the planner in order to communicate daily regarding completion of homework assignments.
  • Tutor list- Should parents chose to pursue outside tutoring for their student, there is a binder located in the counseling office with local tutors. Charlotte Wood does not promote/recommend specific tutors.


Other resources

  • Individual academic monitoring by a CWMS Counselor. Please contact Mrs. Shepherd or Ms. Garrison for more information.
  • Weekly Progress report. Please contact the counselors for more information. 
  • The counseling office has informational brochures from several learning centers and academic support programs not affiliated with Charlotte Wood Middle School or the district.